Hope for 2010

It’s a New Year. Thankfully, 2009 has come to a close. Now, we can look forward to what 2010 will provide.

The question that hangs over us, today, is this: What will 2010 bring? Will it be a year of hope or will it be a year of more of the same? Will the economy rebound or will more people lose their jobs? Will we be happier or will we be more secluded and hidden behind the walls that our Internet-dominated world provide us?

As I look to my own life, 2010 has a the makings to be a great year. I open it excited about the possibilities that are before me and excited for the future. Looking ahead to 2010, there is much to be excited about.

For me, in 2010 I have a hope of continuing the race that has been set out for me. In my preparations for ordination, my hope is that I will continue to grow in knowledge and love of what God has called me to. That love deepened in 2009 in some amazing ways and I am excited for what it will continue to look like this year. In my education, I hope to continue to learn more about what serving God in a broken world looks like and how we are called to seek justice in a world of injustice. In my personal life, I am excited for what lies ahead for my wife and I, especially as she looks at her own future and opportunities.

There is a lot to be excited about in 2010. My hope is that by Dec. 31, I can look back and say this: that I have grown in my faith, grown in my love of God and others, grew in patience, and served out of love.

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