What Pastors Can Learn from The Presidents

Today is President’s Day. It is the day we honor the 43 men who have served as the head of state and chief executive for our nation.

Throughout our history, we have seen a wide variety of individuals occupy the office. We’ve had military leaders, former athletes, some who struggled with family and personal issues, leaders of high ethics, leaders of limited morality, and an actor to name a few. Each president has added something to the office and to our understanding of  leadership.

As a pastor, I also believe we can learn something about effective and vital leadership through expressions of leadership given by the presidents. A president leads in a vacuum and must serve, through many challenges and obstacles, with the hope of bringing the nation closer to an intended good. As pastors, we too seek to lead our people, though many challenges and obstacles, to what it means to be holy as God calls us to be and to serve the world in response to God’s love. The ways  we see the presidents lead can help us, as leaders in the church, serve God and our communities. Continue reading “What Pastors Can Learn from The Presidents”