Sermon: Yoke of Christ

Sermon: Yoke of Christ

I remember the day I received a stole in worship for the first time. It was in 2017 and I had just been ordained by Bishop Leonard Fairley. For me, ordination was a long journey of starts and stops. It seemed like it would never happen for me to be ordained. When it did happen, I felt like an enormous weight had been taken off my shoulders.

So, when Kevin Burney placed the stole on me it felt like a victorious moment. I had made it. The mission had been accomplished. I could breathe easily now.

Or so I thought. The following Sunday, I wore a stole Abbi had made for me in worship. It is one you will see, from time to time, that includes elements of both West Virginia and Kentucky. It doesn’t weigh much, but the moment I placed it on me I felt a weight I had never felt before. I felt the responsibility, in a deeper way, of the call to pastoral leadership and the authority entrusted to me by God. Continue reading “Sermon: Yoke of Christ”

Being a Faithful Servant

I love meatloaf.

There is something unique about it. Something you just do not expect when you first experience it. Something that catches you off guard and leaves you wondering what it really was.

I mean, really, who among us has not been shocked that an overweight and sweaty guy could belt out rock ballads like he was singing on an opera stage?

By now, I think you know I am not thinking about the meat dish, though I am a fan of that as well. I am thinking about the rock artist Meat Loaf. I’ve been a fan of his for some time. What I find enjoyable about his music is that it as unique as the meat dish that he derives his stage moniker from. You never know what to expect with Meat Loaf. Continue reading “Being a Faithful Servant”