Living With Joy

The Super Bowl is a cultural spectacle. It is the only championship game where you will have more non-fans or marginally interested people tune in to watch the festivities. The game is almost a side attraction to the entire event and day.

You have the six-hour pre-game show. You have the halftime show. You have the commercials. I think more than anything else it is the commercials that non-sports fans will take away from the game. Were they funny? Were they relevant? Did they make you want to buy what they were selling?

This year’s Super Bowl commercials were of the typical variety. You had some that were emotional. You had some that were innovative. You had some that you wished never were aired. And, of course, you had some that were absolutely funny.

For my take, none were funnier than a commercial featuring the iconic Morgan Freeman. The short spot featured Freeman dance and lip sync to a Missy Elliot song while trying to promote “Mountain Dew Ice.” Extra points for anyone who watched the commercial and could remember exactly what Freeman was advertising.hqdefault

Several days after the game and I cannot get the commercial out of my head. I’ve watched it a few times since on YouTube. It is a great commercial. When you watch it you can feel Freeman’s sense of joy. It radiated through Freeman’s performance as he walked from the fireplace to the middle of the floor while trying to keep up with the lyrics. He was enjoying life.

What I love about the commercial, as well, is that Freeman is 80-years old and will soon be 81. Age is truly just a number for Freeman. It was not going to prevent him from enjoying life and living it out.

I don’t know about you, but when I am 81 I want to have that kind of zeal for life. I believe that kind of zeal is what God desires for us. I believe God created us to be people of joy and love who do not allow things like the number of years of our life or our own beliefs of what we can and cannot do keep us from living with a sense of joy.

The Psalmist writes in Psalm 9:2, “I will be filled with joy because of you. I will sing praises to your name, O Most High.” I read that and hear God calling us to find joy throughout life, to find ways to be emotionally, physically, and spiritually active, and to inspire others with our sense of joy that comes from the Lord.

You are never too old to live with joy. You are never too old to find a way to inspire others. You are never to old to love God and share that love with others. The question becomes what does that look like when you’re 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, or even 90? It is going to look different throughout the ages, yes, but it doesn’t mean we stop looking for joy or serving God simply because we’ve hit a certain age. God doesn’t call us to give up on finding joy in our lives simply because we are not comfortable with our age.

Life is best when we are living it to the fullest for God with joy no matter what age we are.


Super Bowl Prediction Bound to Go Wrong

I figure, with today being Super Bowl Media Day, that I would offer my Super Bowl prediction for Sunday that is guaranteed to be wrong.

I don’t see this as being a close game. In fact, I have a funny feeling this year’s Super Bowl is going to be a blowout in favor of the Colts.

First, Peyton Manning against Drew Brees is not a good match-up. While Brees is certainly a great quarterback, I do not believe he has the same intensity and capabilities of picking out defenses like Manning. Give Manning two weeks to prepare for a defense and Manning will take advantage.

The second, I’m not sure the Saints defense will be able to get that much pressure on Manning, like it was able to against Favre and the Vikings. Manning has a quicker release and is willing to take a longer step-back to get out of trouble. The Colts’ also have a stronger offensive line than the Vikings that can give better protection for Manning against the Saints’ pass rush.

While the Saints have playmakers, they also have players like a Reggie Bush who can be outstanding one game and then not heard from for two or three weeks. If that takes place on Sunday, then its lights out.

Then there is the ultimate intangible of experience in the Super Bowl – the Colts have it, the Saints do not. The Colts have tried to suggest that it doesn’t matter, but with only a handful of Saints having experience in the Big Game, how much of a wide-eyed feeling will the Saints have come kickoff?

This could be a blowout, it could be a shootout, but right now I’m leaning towards a blowout for the Colts.

Colts 35, Saints 14.