Book Review: “How God Became King” by N.T. Wright

Modern Christianity can be defined by two sides.

On one side, you have committed Christians who believe Jesus’ act of salvation on the cross is the most important belief. Jesus came to “rescue” sinners from this world, they argue, so that “believers” may experience eternal life in Heaven. The cross and forgiveness become central ideas in this belief. Others argue Jesus is more interested in building the kingdom of God. This idea was central in the social gospel movements of the late 19th and 20th centuries. Here, Jesus is about justice and reconciliation.

Both are important contributions to Christianity, but the two sides rarely interact with one another. Those who advocate Jesus is only about the cross often ignore the kingdom realities of Jesus’ life and teaching. At the same time, those who argue that Jesus is building a kingdom often forget that Jesus is interested in naming sin as sin and calling people to forgiveness.

What do the gospels – Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John – have to say about Jesus’ ministry and purpose? What is the message that the gospels are trying to make regarding Jesus, his mission, and his kingdom? Continue reading “Book Review: “How God Became King” by N.T. Wright”