Being a Faithful Servant

I love meatloaf.

There is something unique about it. Something you just do not expect when you first experience it. Something that catches you off guard and leaves you wondering what it really was.

I mean, really, who among us has not been shocked that an overweight and sweaty guy could belt out rock ballads like he was singing on an opera stage?

By now, I think you know I am not thinking about the meat dish, though I am a fan of that as well. I am thinking about the rock artist Meat Loaf. I’ve been a fan of his for some time. What I find enjoyable about his music is that it as unique as the meat dish that he derives his stage moniker from. You never know what to expect with Meat Loaf. Continue reading “Being a Faithful Servant”

Purposeful Waiting

funny-pictures-auto-421780A couple of days ago there was a photo that made its way around the Internet. In this particular photo was a picture of a turkey having an intense conversation with Santa Claus. The turkey wanted to remind Santa that November was his month and that Santa would have to wait until December. This turkey was not interested anyone else grabbing the spotlight.

It was a funny photo, but think about how appropriate it is for us. We are approaching a very busy stretch run that takes us through the end of the year that already seems to be underway. The Holiday Sprint from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day where our calendars are filled and we have a long list of things to do. They say this is the “most wonderful time of the year,” and it is, but we’re often too busy to really enjoy these two months. Continue reading “Purposeful Waiting”