Questions that I am Thinking About Today

My mind is full today. I don’t know why, but we’ll consider it a blessing of some degree. Perhaps it’s the nature of the pre-season of the new semester, or it could be I am thinking more about issues that go beyond the classroom and impact the world.

Regardless, here are some questions that I am thinking about today. For once, these are all serious questions that I’m not sure any of us have all the answers to, but they are some that I want to honestly begin to work through and how they impact my life and faith.

Here they are:

Is it possible for our ideologies (conservative, liberal, socialist, populist, etc.) begin to shape our theologies? Furthermore, do we try to live in a way that our theology doesn’t shape our ideology or how we interact with the issues of today?

Why do we ignore hatred and ignorance  in the world today? Why do we ignore it when it occurs within our own communities?

Who are the real uniters in the world today? Who are the leaders of the faith who are seeking to unite all people, regardless of race, regardless of ideology, regardless of anything, and seek to lead people to transformative lives?

Do we limit ourselves if we only talk about today’s world and not consider the history of the church?

Have we ignored what it means to make disciples?

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