What I Learned from Not Preaching

Yesterday, I did not preach.

I’m not alone in making that statement. The Sunday after Easter has routinely been the designated Sunday for pastor sabbaths, which allow for an associate pastor or a guest preacher to do the sermon. After the journey through Lent and the business of Easter, pastors are typically emotionally, spiritually and physically exhausted the week after Easter.

However, Sunday was the first time that I did not preach since appointed to my two churches. We were blessed by the witness of Gerald Lister and Gideon’s International in worship. It was great to hear testimonies from this great organization, but, to be honest, it was also refreshing to be able to “take a week off” from preaching.

In doing that, I was able to recharge and refocus. I also learned some things about preaching and myself. Here are a few of the things that I learned or noticed this week. Continue reading “What I Learned from Not Preaching”