God’s Kingdom Was Reflected in Coke Ad

Controversy has erupted following Sunday’s Super Bowl XLVIII, where the Seattle Seahawks won their first NFL championship. The controversy has nothing to do with Peyton Manning’s inability to lead the Broncos to their third title, but everything to do with an ad that played during the game.

The ad in question did not feature anything vulgar. It did not promote anything too risqué for children to watch. It wasn’t even in support of a company or product that would make you uncomfortable.

The “controversial” ad was developed by Coca-Cola. In it children from various cultures sung “America the Beautiful,” while images of young children were seen playing across the screen. For some, primarily those who believe America’s borders should be closed to other nationalities and cultures, it was an offensive ad.

I find that disappointing. In fact, I find the entire controversy disappointing. Continue reading “God’s Kingdom Was Reflected in Coke Ad”