Prayers in Response to the Charleston Shooting

Sadly, we find ourselves shocked, saddened, and frustrated by another shooting in the nation. The shooting took place following a Bible Study at Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, S.C., which led to the deaths of several individuals. Among the dead is believed to be Clementa Pickney, 41, who was the church’s pastor and a state legislator.

The investigation is ongoing and is focused on the alleged shooter, Dylan Roof, 21. In this difficult time, we each have our questions and frustrations about why someone would do such a thing. Yet, we must use this time, even in our questions, to come together as a community. We must no longer see ourselves as disconnected parts of a whole. We must see ourselves as children of God, loved by God, and connected to one another through Jesus’ love for all people.

We can begin to do this through prayer. What follows are a collection of short prayers for various groups and individuals involved with this tragedy. I invite you to use these prayers during your devotion time and to offer them as your own prayers. Continue reading “Prayers in Response to the Charleston Shooting”