Advent Devotional for December 14

December 14, 2010, Third Tuesday in Advent

Scripture: Numbers 6:24-26

May the Lord bless you and protect you. May the Lord smile on you and be gracious to you. May the Lord show you his favor and give you peace.

This is one of the more famous blessings or benedictions that is found in Scripture. Moses is given this blessing from the Lord to give to Aaron in order to give to the entire people of Israel. It is beautiful and it is poetic. But what does it mean for us, today?

Think of the three key themes of the passage – God’s protection, God’s grace, and God’s peace. Each signifies something important for us as we grow in our faith and in our expectation of Christ’s return.

We are reminded to pray for God’s protection. We pray for safety in times of trial, or as we travel along ice-covered rods. We seek God’s healing hand to comfort us in times of distress and pain. It is here we recognize that God seeks to care for us and to provide for us.

We are reminded of God’s grace. God’s grace was with us before we even knew who God was and what God desired for us in our lives. We saw God’s grace when we accepted Christ – a grace that said our sins were forgiven by the blood of the lamb. And, we continually are cleansed as we grow in our relationship with Christ and each other through the grace of God.

All this points to an inner peace of the spirit. That in our inner most being, who we are at our deepest level, we find ourselves in peace and joy because of God’s love. This peace drives all that we do and formulates us as we go out in the world.

On this day, think of how God has protected you, how God has shown you grace, and given peace to your life? Spend time today thinking of those moments and giving thanks to God.

Lord, we thank you for your protection, your grace, and your peace. You loved us enough to bless us with your grace. Guide us as we go out this day. Amen.


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