Our Places of Worship

Each weekend, we come to worship. In cathedrals big and small, we worship the god we have chosen to worship this day.

We pay our tithes, and we give of our offerings, and we even volunteer from time to time.

We get emotional in our places of worship. We cheer. We laugh. We even cry.

We’re not afraid to tell others about our god. We want to tell the whole world about our god. We make sure that everyone knows who our god is, and the lengths we are willing to go to worship our god. Even when we are not going to church.

We have our traditions. We have our sacred truths. We have our religious leaders, and even some with difficult pasts. We even have a heretic or two, but we still love them.

We fight for injustice. We stand against inhumanity. We unite for the common good.

We are in a special time of the calendar for our religion. It is special, and we look forward to it each year. We take time away from our work, go on pilgrimages to our Holy Lands, and hope to make it to the promise land.

We’re not sure what we would do if our places of worship were closed for a season or two.

We truly love our god.

And, if you couldn’t tell our god really isn’t the Risen Lord. We worship the god of Weekend Golf with our Buddies, Basketball, Football, Hockey, and Soccer.

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