Final Thoughts from Annual Conference


After three days in Covington, Ky., for the Kentucky Annual Conference, it was a great feeling this afternoon to know we were done and going home. The 2012 Kentucky Annual Conference came and went with little controversy and few debates on major issues. As others have said, it was a nice change of pace after the a very contentious General Conference.

But, home has a new feeling after today’s closing sessions.

Part of today’s final sessions was the reading of appointments for the upcoming conference year. In Kentucky, Bishop Lindsey Davis reads the names of newly-appointed pastors as pastors sit with their districts. This is a public act of revealing the decisions that have been, prayed over, discussed, prayed over again, and discussed again before making any final decisions. It is interesting watching everyone looking around to see who is moving and where they are going. The brief ceremony serves as the sending commissioning moment for the entire conference.

After the reading concludes and Blest Be the Tie that Binds is sung, everyone is blessed – in more ways than one – to go home.

Tonight, that word has a different feeling and realization. For some in our conference, home is a temporary place between appointments. It is a place filled with boxes. It is a place of memories of an appointment and excitement of new challenges.

For myself and others, home is a place of continuation. Coming home was symbolic of continuing the work that has already taken place and preparing for the upcoming conference years. I am excited for year 2 at Mackville UMC and Antioch UMC. In some ways, I still feel as though I am a rookie pastor and in other ways I feel more prepared to take on the challenges and opportunities that are before us.

Right now, I am just glad to be home to rest and recharge before Sunday morning and Father’s Day, which is one of my least favorite days. I am excited for what God has in store for us at our two churches, in our district, and in our conference. I pray God will use us and that we will be willing to be used by God to share the message of love and salvation to all.

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