Should Christians See the Constitution as Infallible?

Infallible is a key word in Christian theology. It means that something is absolutely true and there are no potential fallacies present in the document. The idea of infallibility is often associated with our view of the Bible. We maintain that Scripture is infallible – the true and holy Word of God.

While this view should not be surprising, what might be is how some Christians use the basic premise of infallibility in regards to other documents, especially those central to the American government. Christians are quick to ascribe infallibility to the American Constitution.

This is not a new trend, but one that has been at the center of the American experience and the relationship Christians have with the government. The infallibility view comes out of the belief, by some, that the United States is a Christian nation and, thus, the documents that govern the nation are God-ordained. We can see this idea of infallibility by how some have argued that the Constitution is “under attack” and that recent decisions (such as the Supreme Court decision on the Affordable Health Care Act) are damaging to the country. To some, the “attack” on the Constitution is seen as an attack on Christianity itself. Of course, this position highlights a person’s religious and political views.

Christians should always be cautious about wrapping themselves around the idols and treasured documents of a certain nation, whether it is America or any other country. The Constitution is an important document for our government and country, but whether or not it is under attack should not hinder or challenge a Christian’s faith.

Our freedom to worship the Father does not from the First Amendment, but our faith in Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit working in us. For too long, we have looked at the government as the source of our freedoms, yet this view is untrue. Our freedoms come from God’s grace and free love, and not a document that states what rights are recognized by a certain country.

As Christians, we must move past our desire to see America as the beacon of Christianity in the world. This view has hindered the growth of the church in the United States, and has created an uncomfortable blending of faith and country as one. The church in American must be centered on God’s kingdom, which means an allegiance to the things of God and not of this world.

Whether or not the Constitution is under attack might be concerning to me as an American, but it not crippling to my faith as a Christian. The two are different and must be kept separate.

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