Adjusting to Being a Dad: 10 Things I Can’t Wait to Teach My Son

It’s been awhile since I have posted anything non-sermon related. The past few months have been a busy stretch of starting CPE, finishing some paperwork for ordination, and getting moving on some other things. In all, September will be remembered as a crazy month. So far, October isn’t too far from contending with September’s moniker.

The big news in these neck of the wood lately has been that my wife and I will welcome our first child – a boy – sometime in February. My wife and “Little PK” are doing well, so far. I am still adjusting to what it will be like to be a dad. Everyone keeps telling me that my world will be forever changed, which, to me, is like stating the obvious. Though my favorite piece of advice I have been given so far is to get all the sleep I can now. Who knew that babies keep parents up all night? I had no idea. (The sarcasm police is being asked to investigate that previous comment.)

The one thing that I do know is that there are several things that I can’t wait to teach my son. Besides the typical “good father” responses such as my faith in Christ, how to catch a baseball, and how to treat a woman with respect and dignity, there are other things that I can’t wait to share with my child. Here are just a few things that I hope to pass down to “Little PK.”

1.) My love for West Virginia University. I am pretty sure that this child will be dressed in something that resembles this or this when he comes home from the hospital. I’m also sure that my baby, come next football season, will be doing the First Down cheer with me on the couch.

2.) My love for presidential history. I need someone to stay up with me on election night watching all the returns.

3.) My love for the San Francisco 49ers. I might need the 49ers to win the Super Bowl this season for some assistance. Otherwise, “Little PK” is surrounded by Steelers fans. The world does not need another Steeler fan.

4.) My love for really bad and awesomely funny movies. Another generation needs to embrace the awesomeness that is “Howard the Duck,” while at the same time laughing uncontrollably at “Blazing Saddles” and “Airplane.”

5.) How to be humble in all things. To help, I think I will take my son golfing. There are few things that are so humbling that are as enjoyable.

6.) How to laugh. A good sense of humor can go a long way in life.

7.) To dislike the Reds and Cubs. This goes just without saying if our son is going to be like his “daddy” and watch the Cardinals. However, he will learn to be respectful of Reds and Cubs fans. There is no need to raise a “bad fan.”

8.) How to effectively communicate with others. I fear raising our child in the technological age. While there are many advantages, the one disadvantage is that proper communication has become a lost art. I don’t want my child to resort to using “LOL” or “TMI” in oral communication with others.

9.) To have my same eclectic taste in music. No one needs to stick with one genre of music. This child, I hope, will enjoy all forms of music, except for Justin Bieber.

10.) To treat others with respect, dignity, and class. If I can do that … then my job will be complete as a father.


5 thoughts on “Adjusting to Being a Dad: 10 Things I Can’t Wait to Teach My Son

  1. It’s funny, because I remember getting those comments all the time before Ruthie was born, about how life is going to change, and how I’d better sleep now. I remember thinking that if I heard that one more time, I was going to scream. However, I did learn that there is a difference from knowing that stuff intellectually, and knowing the reality of it. I know why people say that stuff, they’re trying to prepare you, but there’s no way you can really be prepared for that stuff, you just have to live it.

    1. I think I am going to write a post, at some point, of all the advice I have received. Some of it has been great. Some of it has been the stating the obvious. To be honest, what worries me is that neither of the child’s grandparents are nearby and the child will be born during Lent. That’s not a busy time of year … no.

  2. Just love little pk and everything else about being a good dad will fall in place. There is no textbook that gets you prepare for a good parent. Just love love love love and love.

  3. My dad instilled a lot of great qualities in my brother and I. One of which being the appreciation of the film “Airplane.” Many times at home I’ve heard my dad say “Don’t call me Shirley!”

    I’m not so sure about disliking the Reds, but I’m glad you’ll be raising a respectful fan!

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