It’s Not That I Haven’t Had Anything to Say … Honest

I admit it.

Writing on this space has been less of a priority for me over the course of the past fest months. I fully admit that other than posting sermons this space has gone silent. I promise it’s not that I have been lacking in what to say. I’ve been full of ideas.

Such as:

How “Lincoln” gave us a great glimpse into the power of visionary leadership.

How college athletics will minimize character traits in order to settle for victories now. (I’m looking at you, Western Carolina.)

How rural America is finally being impacted by the cultural changes of the last 10 or 20 years, and what it means for the church.

Oh, and of course, more random thoughts about adjusting to this idea of being a father.

There have been many ideas working through my mind. I haven’t written them. I admit it.

The reason? I’ve been pressed for time.

Since September, I have been in a process known as “Clinical Pastoral Education.” It is an intense semester of being stretched and learning what it means to be a more effective pastoral care giver. This has taken up a good chunk of my time and has caused me to be more self-reflective, which is a good thing.

Now that CPE is in the rearview mirror, minus a term paper, I can turn my attention more to this space that I love and feel is an extension of my ministry. So, look forward to more posts, thoughts, and suggestions from a pastor who desires to be an effective witness of Christ in the world.

Maybe I’ll get to those desired posts after all.


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