Reflections on the Boston Marathon Bombing

Sports are supposed to bring us joy. Today they brought us tears.

Sports are supposed to take us away from the violence that so often fills our streets and lives. Today it brought us closer to the violence than we ever wanted.

During the running of the Boston Marathon, two bombs went off killing an estimated three people and injuring hundreds others. It is a senseless tragedy that took place in the most unlikely of places. As ESPN’s Jeremy Schaap said, the Boston Marathon is a celebration of international culture and the grandest of individual competition.

No one felt that a marathon would be the site of an unforgettable tragedy, but today it was. The images of mutilated bodies and lives forever changed will haunt us for some time.

Of course, we want to know why this took place. Who is responsible? Why did they do it? Will there be another bombing? Questions are normal in the midst of tragedy. However, today is not the day to answer questions. We simply cannot.

Instead, today, and this evening, is a day to pause and give of ourselves. We give in our prayers through seeking God’s grace and healing presence to be with all who were injured. We give of ourselves in our thoughts by not trying to read too much into the attack until we know more about what happened. We give hope by holding our loved ones, especially our children, a little closer this evening.

Soon, we will know more about what took place. Tonight, let us remember the lives lost, the lives changed, and the families that are now grieving on a day meant for celebration.

Indeed, come, Lord Jesus, come!

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