Sometimes It’s OK to Get Lost

At my previous church, if I wanted to go to the office I would simply walk from the living room and go into the adjacent room. We had the great fortune of having the church’s office in the parsonage, especially when Noah was born. It allowed me to care for our son and offset daycare costs.

Now, I am at a new church (Covington Trinity) and beginning life with this amazing congregation. My office is at the church and today was my first day going into the office.

Of course, I got lost. I thought I knew the way from the parsonage to the church, so I didn’t bother looking up directions or retracing my steps. I just drove and trusted in my own “sense of direction” to get from one place to the other. It wasn’t long before I was in a place that was unfamiliar in a town that I am just learning. Eventually, with the help of my GPS, I was able to get to the church and found my way into the office.

I was reminded of some things in this brief experience. One is that there are multiple ways to get anywhere in Northern Kentucky. I think I learned several new ways to get to the church. This will come in handy, I am sure.

I also was reminded of the fact that it is OK to get lost. Why do I say that?

In the getting lost, we find that we are unable to solely depend upon ourselves. We need others for help and guidance. This morning, I needed the help of a GPS to turn me around and point me in the right direction. In our personal lives, sometimes, we need the help of our friends and loved ones to remind us of God’s presence and love that is always with us, even if we do not see it.

Now of course, I do not recommend getting lost to anyone. It’s scary and can cause a lot of stress (especially when you were already running late). But, when we get lost we should have the confidence in God that everything will be OK. God is with us and he will never leave our side in those difficult moments, no matter how big or small.

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