A Prayer for Our Nation

Father God,

As we prepare to celebrate our nation’s birth, we will do so around community events, family gatherings, and massive displays of fireworks. We will remember those who have served, those who have given a voice to this nation’s ideals, and to those who crafted this nation so long ago.

Lord, may this time of celebration also be a time of deep prayer for our nation. We pray, Father, for your passion and love to embrace us all. May we be a people known more by our desire to follow you than for our own wants and desires. May we seek to follow your example in the ways we live our lives.

We ask for your justice to fall upon the places of injustice in our country. We ask for your peace where there is violence and brokenness. We ask for your presence where there is loneliness.

Even more, we pray that we will be united by your love and Spirit. As we become more defined by what separates us, help us to be defined by what unites us. Help us to see your love and how your truth never fails.

May we, as a people, always be yours and be willing to be guided and used by you for your kingdom and purposes. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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