Are You Getting Settled?

One of the most common questions that, I believe, Abbi and I have received lately has been the classic “Are you getting settled?” It’s a great question, because it shows how much everyone at Trinity recognizes the big change a move to a new church and community is, as well as a recognition of the enormous task to unpack a home with a 4-month old.

To answer the question, we are becoming more settled with each passing day. The amount of boxes in the parsonage is slowly being reduced and we are starting to learn more about where everything is in the area. It may take awhile, though, to get used to the 5-way intersection near the church. My guess is that we are not alone in that.

As I’ve answered the question, I can’t help but think about it as it relates to our faith in Christ. I don’t want to be settled when it comes to my faith. When I think of being settled in my faith I think of being comfortable. It’s the image of being complacent, happy with where I am in my relationship with the Lord, and not being challenged by God’s presence. Those are ideas that I do not want to define my relationship with God.

Our faith is anything but being settled. It is a daily journey of being stretched and challenged by Christ’s presence in our lives. Through Scripture, prayer, and life experiences, we are encountered by God’s love in such a way that helps us to experience God’s love more fully and to see how we may life for God in our world and neighborhoods.

The journey of Christian discipleship is never completed. It is a journey of daily renewal and of growing closer in our trust, dependence, and love of the Lord. I hope that is our goal every day as we seek to live for the Lord.

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