Acts 3:1-26: Willing to Share the Good News

Once again we find ourselves challenged by Peter’s faith and leadership. After receiving the Holy Spirit in Acts 2, we find Peter in this chapter with a willingness to share who he is with someone in need.

Peter and the disciples were nearing the Temple for worship when they were approached by a beggar looking for money. This might have been a normal occurrence, but Peter’s response wasn’t so normal. He says that he doesn’t have money to offer him, but what he had was much greater. Jesus offered him the healing power of Christ.

This is a key moments in Acts. Peter shared his faith with someone. He was willing to speak about God in such a way that was powerful and transformative.

We don’t always do this. Sometimes we hide behind our faith and think its not appropriate to talk. Yet, the most important thing we have to offer someone is our relationship with Christ, what that relationship has meant to us, and what it could mean for them.

Of course, to share that relationship we must first be willing to enter into relationships with people who need to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. We must be willing to go where they are to share the hope of Christ.

Peter was willing to do just that and it led to a deeply transformative moment in this beggar’s life. What would it look like if we did this? How could we do this in our community and throughout the world? What is one way we could be bold in our faith and share who we are?

Something to think about today as we prepare for another week.

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