Acts 6: We All Have a Part

When I was at Asbury, one of the biggest ministry errors that I was warned about was “Superman Syndrome.” Others may have different definitions for it, but mine is simply this: A Superman pastor is one who tries to do everything and believes they are the only one who can do the work of ministry.

We have all seen pastors who have tried to wear the red cape and do everything. Truth be told, I have been tempted with wearing my own red cape at times. Superman pastors believe that without them the church would not be effective. We will forget about ourselves and go nonstop to make sure the church’s ministries are strong.

That is hardly the case, isn’t it? Eventually, we find out we cannot do everything and that we are not as effective as we thought we were. Superman pastors often learn the difficult lessons that the church is about more than the pastor. The church is about a community coming together to serve God, fellowship together, and proclaim God’s love through both words and actions.

The analogy of a Superman pastor is appropriate as we look at Acts 6. The Apostles saw an increase in the number of believers and, with it, an increase in their demands. They were being tugged in various directions and didn’t have the time to do the work they were called to do. There was no way they could be effective.

How the Apostles solved this problem is important. They admitted they could not do everything. That is a huge admission, because it recognizes our needs of others and the community. The Apostles also said that others had important gifts and talents that could be used in service to the church. The Apostles recognized that pastors are not the only ones called to serve the church. We all have gifts and talents that can be used to glorify God and serve our community.

The church is not a mission of one. It is not a ministry of a few. The church is the ongoing witness of Jesus Christ in our world, which calls for all of us to prayerfully consider how God gifted us with skills that could be used in the church.

We all have our talents. We all have our place in the church’s mission. What gifts have God given you? How might those gifts be used in the church?

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