Acts 16: Building Disciples

In Acts 16, we are introduced to Timothy. He would be a close confidant and an important ministry partner for Paul. We receive some background information about him. Timothy’s mother was a believer and his father was of Greek heritage. Everyone in Lystra and Iconium thought a lot of him. Timothy was a disciple and a leader in the making. Paul wanted to be the one who would help him along in this.

So, Paul encouraged him and invited him to go with him on his mission trips. He taught Timothy and helped him to understand what it meant to follow Christ and lead others. Paul took the time to bring up Timothy and disciple him in his faith.

All of us have had someone in our lives who have taken an interest in us and our faith. This may be a Sunday School teacher, a parent, a friend, a co-worker, or even a pastor. Whomever this person may be, they took the time to guide us in what it means to love God and love others in response.

We have the opportunity to do this for others. What Paul’s relationship with Timothy reminds us is that we play a huge role in bringing up others in faith. Through our relationships and how we live our lives, we encourage those close to us in their faith and showing them what it means to follow God.

It is important, then, for us to remember that people are watching us and, as well, that we influence others in how they see Christ. This is true for those who we are actively teaching about what it means to follow God and, as well, those who may be questioning what it means to love the Lord.

Who are we raising as disciples? Our children? Our friends? Someone we may not know? Who can we bring along with us and take time to teach, influence, and help them to grow in faith? Who can you help become a disciple?

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