Another Round of Tough Questions for the American Church

Here are more questions that are on my mind for the church in America today:

1: Are we more worried about keeping people out of the church than bringing people into a relationship with God?

2: Are we more concerned about who is leading the N.L. Central race than we are about reaching our neighborhoods?

3: Do we want a church that is stress free or a church that desires all of us for the sake of the kingdom?

4: What keeps us from doing the difficult and challenging? What holds us back?

5: Who needs a louder voice in the church? Who are we not hearing from that we should be?

6: Do we want worship that is about being entertained or about our lives being encountered by the Risen Lord?

7: What do we need to do better in order to reach people in our communities?

8: In an instant gratification culture, are we willing to recognize that change within the church is slow and takes the involvement of dedicated people committed to a vision of growth?

9: Is church more about me than it is about encountering God?

10: If Jesus was to walk into our places of worship … would he be welcomed?

One thought on “Another Round of Tough Questions for the American Church

  1. I’ll take on a few of these questions… I think 4 & 5 can be answered with yet another question, are we willing to be bold for Christ? The prosperity doctrine and tolerance mind control that you see on your television and in society every day has demonically infected the Church. There it is, plain and simple. Many who call themselves Christians have no problem compromising the Gospel, instead of defending it! In 2 Corinthians 10:5, Paul said “We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ,”… There are many other scripture that I can quote here, but you get the point. If you compromise the truth, it now becomes a lie. Remember, a little leaven leaventh the whole lump. In other words, 99% truth + 1 % lie = 100% lie.

    In saying this, I want you to know that I am also part of the problem. I’ve had divine appointments that I have failed to defend the Gospel. God does not compromise his Word. Just look at the verb definition of compromise… weaken (a reputation or principle) by accepting standards that are lower than is desirable. We stand on the rock foundation of Jesus Christ and there is nothing stronger. Do not weaken His Victory.

    We are the potter’s clay. I pray that God will continue to mold us into the best possible Ambassadors of Christ that we can be. This is now your job and its the toughest, most rewarding one on planet earth.

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