Extravagant Generosity Day 5: Psalm 112:5

 Good will come to those who are generous and lend freely, who conduct their affairs with justice. (NIV)

Culture tells us that in order to be happy you must have more and bigger of everything. More money. Bigger homes. Bigger cars. More clothes. More games. More toys. Bigger vacations.

We often believe having the best things in life is where all good and happiness comes from. If I just have more money then all my problems would go away. Have you ever said something like that? If I had a bigger car then my life would be more relaxed. I know I’ve said that one recently.

This chasing after the “finer things in life” consumes us. As Pope John Paul II once wrote, it is no bad to have nice things. However, it is the belief that having nice things is what makes life good is what is the issue. Chasing after riches does not make us happier or make our lives more fulfilled. Instead, chasing after things often leaves us wanting more and in debt.

A good life does no’t come from having more things.  It comes from a desire to be a blessing to others, because of the blessings we first received.

Each of us have been blessed in ways that words simply cannot describe. These blessings go beyond the financial, but include everything about us. God’s blessings have filled each of our lives through provisions and grace. It is God’s blessings that truly surround us when we think of our lives. God’s blessings of provisions for our needs. God’s blessings of grace and love to cover our imperfections.

God’s blessings desire a response. The proper response is to use what we have to bless others. Through big and small ways, we can be witnesses of God’s goodness by offering hope, love, peace, kindness, and joy to others, whether they are members of our community or a stranger who we do not know.

Being a blessing to others is what defines a good life. It is an outer expression of our love of God and of each other.

How might you be a blessing to others today? What is one way you can share God’s goodness with someone today?

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