Extravagant Generosity: Joel 2:28

“And afterward, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions. (NLT)

I always wanted to be a writer. That was my dream. I wanted to be the best sports writer that I could be, and if that meant covering auto racing in the process then that would be awesome. Thankfully, I got to live out my dream for a little bit of time and those memories are special to me.

Each of us have dreams. Mine was to be a writer, but yours might be something else. Maybe you dreamed of being a doctor. Maybe you dreamed to be a scientist, or a parent, or an astronaut. Whatever your dream was as a child they came out of our desire and what we felt we would be good at doing.

The dreams we had as children helps us with something important in the kingdom of God. Just as we have dreams about our careers or vocations, so do we also have dreams about the church and its mission. These dreams focus on our hopes and desires, as well as our passions for serving Christ and others.

Our dreams help us to connect to God’s desires for us and the church. The dreams we have give us a chance to see God’s passions and where God would like to see the church go, whether it is the local church or the global church.

So often, we hinder our dreams because we think they are unrealistic or impossible. However, what if we took the time to think about our dreams and pray about where God would like to see us go. Perhaps our dreams will not stay dreams. Maybe they will become the impetus for deep ministry and transformation in our community.

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