Reflections from Day 2 of GBCS Young Clergy Forum

After another long day of meetings and discussions at the annual General Board of Church and Society’s Young Clergy Leadership Forum, I decided to head to some of the monuments with a friend. We’re in D.C. … it’s only natural to be a tourist.

We covered a lot of ground in 90 minutes of walking. Ground that included a stop at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. It was my first time at this massive and inspiring monument that honors a great leader and visionary for our nation. I still cannot put into words what I experienced at the monument and even this entire week, but as I stood there one word popped into my mind that was appropriate for this day and this forum experience.


That is what this day and week has all been about. It has been an experience of perspective.

Perspective of hearing from viewpoints that may or may not be my own.

Perspective of hearing from people who have similar interest and passions, but approach things from a different avenue.

Perspective of seeing how far we have come, but only to realize how much work there is still to be done.

Perspective of who I am as a pastor, a husband, a father, a leader, and a child of God.

Perspective of seeing people like me fighting for a church we all love (no matter where we fall on issues).

Perspective of how great our God and how God works through all of us to bring forth the kingdom.

It has been an amazing and ministry-altering experience. I cannot put all of that into words … yet. For now I am just blessed for some perspective.

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