Some Thoughts as We Embrak on Lent

As we enter the season of Lent on this Ash Wednesday, here are some thoughts to consider on this snowy day:

Fast From the Things that Truly Prevent You From Seeing God’s Grace

One of the typical elements of Lent is giving up something. It is a great practice that reminds us of the importance of fasting. Yet, the practice of fasting should be a time of not simply giving up something just to give up something, but a time where we are earnestly seeking the Lord in our lives.

Thus, my encouragement would be to give up things that truly prevent you from spending time with God or trusting in God’s grace. Ask yourself what prevents you from hearing God’s voice and then give that up.

This year, I am giving up something that has prevented me from experiencing God’s grace and trusting in the Lord. My hope is that in this time of Lent I will be able to grow closer to God.

Don’t Rush to Easter

There is a temptation in Lent, much like during Advent, to rush immediately to Easter morning. When we do we miss the importance of Lent and the season of preparation and renewal that it offers.

It is important to experience the 40-days of Lent and to find ourselves waiting and preparing for the celebrations. It is important to mourn with the disciples on Good Friday and to ponder the absence of Jesus on Holy Saturday. To miss those aspects of this season is to miss some crucial aspects of the Lenten practice.

In a culture that wants to rush to the end and get there yesterday, Lent forces us to slow down and to get ready for the Resurrection and seeing the Lord.

Remember Who You Are and Whose You Are

Lent is a great time to reconnect with God. It is a time where we can reflect on our lives and where we are in our relationship with God. This can be hard, but it can be truly a fruitful act that can bring us closer to God’s love.

Be intentional in this season to hear God’s love and to remember that there is nothing that God cannot forgive. We are never too far removed from God’s love.

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