The Greatest President: My Rankings

What is your hobby?

Some people love to spend hours in the garden. Some will collect an endless amount of items. Others will struggle their days away playing golf.

For me, one of my hobbies has always been studying the presidents. I love it. I enjoy it. I find it fascinating to learn about the leadership of others and ask how it can apply to what I do as a pastor. 

I love studying presidential history so much that I have my own list of how I rank each of the presidents. I’ve posted this list before, each with new editions, and this will be the first time since 2017. 

My rankings are not based on my personal preferences, though like any person there are some presidents I prefer more than others. I look at leadership and accomplishments within the office to base my rankings.

So, once again, here is my list of presidential rankings. This year’s list is based on reflection, as well as the inclusion of Donald Trump. I do not include the current president, Joseph Biden, in the rankings.

1 Abraham Lincoln  

2 George Washington 

3 Theodore Roosevelt  

4 Thomas Jefferson  

5 Franklin Roosevelt

6 Ronald Reagan

7 Harry S. Truman 

8 Dwight Eisenhower

9 James Monroe 

10 John F. Kennedy 

11 Lyndon Johnson 

12 George H.W. Bush 

13 John Adams 

14 Barack Obama 

15 Woodrow Wilson 

16 Bill Clinton 

17 James Polk 

18 James Madison

19 William McKinley

20 Calvin Coolidge

21 Gerald Ford 

22 Andrew Jackson 

23 Chester A. Arthur 

24 Grover Cleveland

25 John Q. Adams 

26 William Howard Taft

27 James Garfield

29 George W. Bush

30 Jimmy Carter

31 Ulysses S. Grant

32 Rutherford B. Hayes

33 Benjamin Harrison

34 Martin Van Buren 

35 Richard Nixon 

36 Herbert Hoover

37 John Tyler

38 Zachary Taylor

39 William Henry Harrison

40 Franklin Pierce 

41 Millard Fillmore 

42 Warren G. Harding 

43 Andrew Johnson 

44 Donald Trump 

45 James Buchanan 

Not Ranked: Joseph Biden


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