30 Days of Autism, Day 14: Feeling Like Giving Up

I’ll admit it.

There are days I want to give up advocating for autism inclusion in the church. 

It is a lonely place to advocate for those who are not accepted in society, especially when you do not have a group of people supporting you in the effort.

It is often difficult to continue to raise your voice about situations that could harm an autistic person and experience silence or indifference.

It is challenging to feel the lack of support from colleagues and other communities, even as our doors continue to say, “everyone is welcome.” It’s frustrating when leaders tell you conversations will take place, only for those sessions never to occur.

It is depressing to read comments that you are being political when you raise concerns about injustices in the system. It is defeating when people say, “we’re a loving people,” even when that is not shared freely with your child. 

Sometimes you want to give up.

So, you wonder if anyone is listening? Does anyone care?


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