30DaysofAutism, Day 18: How to Care for Families

Families with a special needs child (whether autism or any other special need) are often exhausted, stressed, and overwhelmed by the demands of caring for their child and managing life. This means basic things get ignored or overlooked as a result.

There is an opportunity for the church to come alongside families and provide compassionate care. Compassionate care or respite care ministry could be a great blessing for a church in seeking to welcome and love special needs families.

Here are 5 ideas a church may consider in providing care:

  1. Be willing to mow a family’s grass during a stressful time.
  2. Consider buying a meal at a random time.
  3. Volunteer to help clean a house.
  4. Come and spend time with the child/adult, so the parents/caregiver can rest.
  5. Write a note of encouragement.

There are many other ways. These are just some. The most important resource the church has is its love. For a church to express love beyond the church’s walls can be a blessing for special needs families.


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