Ten Hard Questions, Part II

Here are 10 more thought-provoking questions that I should be asking, but struggle with asking:

1) Would we rather see someone succeed in life or see a successful person fall?

2) When we say we are a church that teaches the entire Bible, do we really believe that? In other words, do we teach difficult passages in our churches or just our favorite topics?

3) What is the message about the reason for church our churches are sending to the community?

4) Do pastors lose their identity in communities that have pre-defined roles for a pastor?

5) What would John Wesley say about the church in America?

6) Is our idea of church more defined by what we think it should look like or by what God thinks it should look like?

7) Do we teach our people how to think theologically?

8) Who have we forgotten that we need to have a relationship with?

9) Who in our communities is missing from our congregations?

10) Would we rather be right or loved?


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