Ten Questions Following the George Zimmerman Trial

In my occasional and ongoing series asking 10 hard and pointed questions to the church, here are 10 questions that I believe will take us all time to answer in the aftermath of the George Zimmerman trial. Some of these questions will have multiple parts.

1. Are we willing to admit that we, in the United States, have a problem with cultural biases and stereotypes? Do we want to admit that our biases go beyond race, but also include gender, societal roles, economic conditions, ethnicity, educational status, and so much more?

2. Do we judge high-profile cases based upon these biases and stereotypes?

3. Do we desire revenge or justice? Do we know what justice is?

4. Are we more willing to pray that someone “gets what they deserve” or pray that someone seeks forgiveness and redemption in the name of Christ?

5. Do we allow the media to determine guilt and innocence for us? Is there room for “innocent until proven guilty” in a media-dominated culture?

6. What are we willing to say to the family of Trayon Martin, who are still looking for answers to what took place? What are we willing to say to the family of George Zimmerman?

7. How do we, as a church, take the lead in bringing racial and cultural reconciliation to our land? Are we willing to admit our own mistakes in this area?

8. What do we say to our children when they ask us about our racial and cultural problems?

9. Are we willing for the church to reflect the multicultural nature of God’s kingdom?

10. Do we want to be “one in Christ and one with each other?”

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