Ten Questions for the American Church

1: What does it mean to be the church? Are we a witnessing movement of Jesus Christ or are we simply a social club for Christians to gather?

2: Who is our God? Is it the God of Heaven or the god of whatever current movement seems popular?

3: Are we too busy competing against other churches to work as one body?

4: Does our theological arguments get in the way of our witness?

5: Do we see our neighbor as someone to love or someone to talk about?

6: Are we engaging our world or retreating from it?

7: Do we trust God uses all churches – big and small – for the purposes of the kingdom?

8: Are we investing – spiritually and financially – in our youth and young adults?

9: Would people know who we worship by looking at us and hearing how we talk? Would they see we love God or our favorite team?

10: Are we willing to sacrifice ourselves and our agendas for the mission of making disciples in the name of Jesus Christ?

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