Ten Questions, Part III

Here are some more questions that I am currently thinking about. Again, these are difficult questions in which I do not seek to know the answers, but merely provide to provoke thoughts and engagement.

1. Do seminaries need to repent of the sin of placing large financial burdens on students and their churches?

2. Are we more interested in being an American Christian than a Christian who happens to live in America?

3. Do churches want a preacher who calls them from the wilderness or a pastor who holds their hand and tells them everything will be OK?

4. By our actions, do we consider someone who doesn’t read the same translation as we do or attend the same church/denomination as we do a Christian?

5. Do we really mean it when we say, “Love the sinner, hate the sin?”

6. As a church, are we more interested in successful business structures to organize our ministries and churches or are we actively seeking to be the church Christ calls us to be?

7. Is this really the Olympics of the Woman or is it another Olympics where how a woman looks is more important than how they compete?

8. Are we wanting to be served by our congregations or do we want to be a servant?

9. If experience is your guide, then what does that say about your view of Scripture?

10. Who are you wanting to be like – a celebrity or Christ?

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