Adjusting to Being a Dad: The Dad I Want to Be

Since announcing that Abbi and I are expecting our first child in February, one of the most common reactions I have received is that I will make a great father.

I appreciate the vote of confidence and hope that one day my child will be able to say that about me. As Abbi and I prepare to welcome “Little P.K.” into our home, I have contemplated what it means for me to be a great father. In other words, what kind of dad do I aspire to be for my child.

The kind of dad I want to be is:

  • Someone who shows the love of Christ to our children at all times.
  • Someone who takes the lead in their discipleship and growth in Christ.
  • Someone who does not force my child to be involved in every church activity, simply because they are “the pastor’s kid.”
  • Someone who believes being with my family is more important than my “job” as a pastor.
  • Someone who teaches my child what it means to love WVU, in the good and the bad, to root for the Cardinals, and to cheer on the 49ers.
  • Someone who takes as much interest in their life as I do my own.
  • If I have a daughter, someone who is not afraid of drinking from an imaginary tea cup.
  • If I have a son, someone who is willing to take him fishing … even though I haven’t been in 20 years.
  • Someone who will be their biggest supporter.
  • Someone who will be honest with them.
  • Someone who will allow them to be who they are and not what I expect them to be.

If I can do that, I will humbly say that I did my best.

I am sure there are other things that I could add to this list. So, I will open that to you. What other traits or qualities makes a great father?


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