Acts 2:1-12: A Spirit-Enabled Life

Acts 2 is a familiar passage. It is Luke’s telling of what took place when the Holy Spirit came upon the disciples in the Upper Room. The Spirit came like a violent wind that looked like tongues of fire. Luke paints the picture of something revolutionary taking place that would lead the disciples to do some amazing things.

Truly, that day of Pentecost was something revolutionary. It was the day when the church began and the mission of sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ was initiated. The Holy Spirit came and serves as the guide leading the church to being the witness of Christ in the world.

The Holy Spirit’s work doesn’t just involve the church. It also involves each of us. Just as the Holy Spirit came to enable the mission of the church, so did the Spirit come to enable our lives for holy living and faithful discipleship. We need the Holy Spirit’s direction to guide us in our faith and lives.

When we allow the Holy Spirit to enable our lives, we will see the Spirit teaching us, guiding us, leading us, shaping us, and moving us in new and powerful ways. We become the people God has called us to be. The Holy Spirit is the power that leads to transformative discipleship in our lives.

What would it look like if every day we sought to live lives that were enabled by the Holy Spirit? Could you imagine how different our lives would be? Could you imagine how much stronger our faith and witness would be?

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