Acts 1: God Forms Leaders

Beginning today I will be writing a daily devotional for Trinity UMC based on our daily Scripture reading. It is my hope that these devotions will be posted each morning before 9 a.m., and will serve as a way to produce some thoughts on God and what God desires for us.

Acts 1 is the start of Luke’s second New Testament book. It is a continuation of the Gospel of Luke and picks up the story of Jesus and the disciples at the Ascension. Luke describes a beautiful scene where Jesus ascends to his place at God’s right hand. Jesus doesn’t leave the disciples without reminding them that there is much work to be done in sharing the Good News of Jesus’ love. A work that would take the church, he says, to Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and throughout all the world.

Luke tells us the disciples leave the Ascension and wait for coming of the Holy Spirit, who would guide them in this mission. They are also still wrestling with Judas’ betrayal. The disciples knew a new apostle needed to be named. After a time of prayer and casting lots, Mathias was chosen as the newest apostle.

Mathias was part of the 120 followers gathered with the disciples. He was someone who had a relationship with the Lord. Now, Mathias was being called to trust and go where the Lord was calling him. Out of his relationship with Christ Mathias was now being asked to share the Good News and to serve as a leader in the church.

Did you catch that? The relationship Mathias had with the Lord shaped him into the leader God wanted him to be.

That is the great thing about our Lord. God creates in us passions, desires, and gifts that can be used to share the Good News and live for God’s kingdom. When we are in a relationship with the Lord, we start to see more of these passions and see how God has gifted us to serve the Lord and care for the world.

All of us are called by God to use our gifts in service to others. Some, like Mathias, are called to be leaders. Some are called to do other important things in the life of the church. We each have a role to play in our mission of “making disciples of all people” in the name of Jesus Christ.

What gifts have God given you? Where can you use your talents to share the Good News of Jesus’ love with our neighbors? How might you be willing to be used by Mathias, today, for the kingdom?

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