Acts 21-23: Stay Focused on the Mission

In Acts 21-23, Luke begins to tell of Paul’s long imprisonment and trial. He had gone to Jerusalem, as he had desired, and was arrested in the Temple courts. This began a string of twists and turns that would take Paul to Rome, which was his desired destination in his missional work.

Paul was told by others of the fate that awaited him in Jerusalem. It never deterred him. He stayed focused on the path that was before him, which was to go to Jerusalem to care for the people there and then head to Rome. Even though Paul knew that it likely meant he would be arrested he never gave up the mission.

That is something important for us. There will be moments that following Jesus will be difficult. Times in which that it will be overwhelming and costly to do what Jesus seeks and desires for us to do. In those moments, though, Paul’s ministry serves as a comforting reminder that we must stay focused on the mission God has for us.

To do this we must remain connected to God and seek the Lord’s guidance in our lives. None of us can do the work God has called us to on our own. We need the Lord’s presence and guidance, just like Paul needed the Lord to sustain and protect him in Jerusalem and throughout his imprisonment.

How can you stay focus on the mission God has for you today? With all the stresses and distractions of life, what would it mean for you to stay committed to what God has for you today, tomorrow, and through all time?

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