Acts 24: Confidence Through Adversity

Paul’s imprisonment continues. There is no end in sight. In Acts 24, Paul is to defend himself during a meeting with the governor Felix.

He never relents. In fact, Paul confidently accounts for his ministry and what took place in Jerusalem. He maintained the truth that was he was doing was in line with the witness of God from all time. In fact, he says, the God he worshiped is the same god that those who accused him worshiped.

Paul was confident even though he face deep adversity. Why? How could he do such a confident defense even though there was trouble all around him?

It was because Paul never lost sight of the fact that God was with him. He knew that God was in the middle of his adversity and would walk with him through it all. It didn’t mean that Paul would be free from trials or testing, but merely that God would be his strength, guide, and shield through the entire trial.

The same is true for us. Whenever we face adversities in our life, no matter what they are, we can go through them with confidence because God is with us. We are never alone. God walks with us. God guides us. God strengthens us for the road ahead, so that we may proclaim boldly the love of Christ that is available for all.

No matter what we face in life, no matter what adversity is in front of us, we can go through it with confidence because God is there. That is a hope we can all cling to this morning.

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