Acts 26: Wanting All to Know Christ

In Acts 26, Paul meets with King Agrippa as part of his long trial before the Roman government. He tells Agrippa of all that he had his experienced since his transformation from a persecutor of the church to its most prominent advocate.

Paul did such a great job telling of his story and the fruits of his ministry that Agrippa was left with only one reaction. That was to ask if Paul wanted him to join him in faith. Paul’s response was quite telling and, I believe, informative for us today. He said, essentially, that he wanted to join him except for his chains.

It should be the desire of every Christian to inspire others to join us in our faith. My fear is that, too often, we run from the very thing we seek to proclaim. We hesitate to proclaim fearing what someone might say in response.

But, what if we truly lived like Paul? What if we truly walked and desired for all people to join us in faith? Our mission is to go make disciples and to influence the world by such. Could you imagine how different our world would be if we truly took this mission seriously?

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