30 Things I Want to Do in My 30s

Yesterday, I posted on some reflection from my 20s. Now, it is only appropriate to write some goals as to things I want to do in my 30s. Of course, I’ve still have a couple of days to come up with something else on the list.

Some of these are fun, some are serious, and some you just have to know me to understand.

1 – Graduate from Asbury Theological Seminary and be ordained as an elder in the United Methodist Church.

2 – Be a better husband each day and a good father (whenever we decide to have kids).

3 – Be more confident.

4 – Pay off all debt.

5 – Travel to a foreign country outside of North America.

6 – Spend more time in prayer.

7 – Give myself food poisoning less than I did in my 20s.

8 – Attend a 49ers game.

9 – Attend the Master’s and another US Open.

10 – Lose more weight.

11 – Be less afraid to share my opinions.

12 – Live in hope, less in fear.

13 – Travel to more states that I have never been to.

14 – Grill more.

15 – Accomplish my dream of having my seminary education officially sponsored by Diet Coke or Diet Dr Pepper.

16 – Go to Israel and the Vatican.

17 – Play a round of golf at St. Andrews. (That might have to wait until my 40s.)

18 – Be more relational.

19 – Challenge myself and the people around me to be better followers of Christ.

20 – Improve my driving ability, on the golf course that is.

21 – Write more. Maybe write a book.

22 – See the Grand Canyons and Yosemite.

23 – Run and complete a marathon.

24 – Preach more with my actions and my words.

25 – Visit historical landmarks that I have never seen.

26 – Be forward thinking, without ignoring the history of the faith and the witness of the Saints.

27 – Hang out with friends more.

28 – Take more pictures.

29 – Go to Africa.

30 – Be me.

2 thoughts on “30 Things I Want to Do in My 30s

  1. Are you trying to get extra credit from Dr. Pasquarello with #24? Nice list. How many times did you give yourself food poisoning in the last decade?

  2. No, never. You think he’s reading? Just joking. Honestly, that class has been really positive for me in seeing the full force of what it means to be a pastor/preacher. My actions on Monday mean as much if not more than my words on Sunday morning.

    And as for the number of times I gave myself food poisoning, once but you could argue a second time as well. There was a sandwich that I ate from Jersey Mike’s – a steak and cheese – on a 100 degree day. The sandwich when I got it to my office was not the greatest and I paid for it. I should have tossed it out and got something else. The second time was the infamous my own cooking made me sick experience.

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